Documentation - Coupons


Coupon Name
Name of the coupon. This will be displayed in the order totals.

Coupon Description
Description of coupon. This is used for administrator records.

Coupon Code. This is the code you give to the customers so when they enter the code on the checkout confimation page the discount will be added.

Coupon type. Sets the type of discount given. It can be either a percentage discount or fixed amount off.

Coupon discount amount. If you set the type to percentage then it would minus the percentage amount from the sub-total. If the type is set to a fixed amount then the fixed amount will be deducted from the sub-total.

Free Shipping
Set the coupon amount to give free shipping.

Set which products you want to apply the discount amount to. If none are selected then the discount amount will apply to all products.

Date Start
Set the start date for when you want the coupon to be start.

Date End
Set the end date for when you want the coupon to expire.

Uses Per Coupon
Set the number of times a coupon can be used.

Uses Per Customer
Set the number of times a coupon can be used.

Coupon status will determine if the coupon can be used or not.

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