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Product Name
Name of the product.

SEO Keyword
The keyword used for search engine optimization.

Meta Tag Description
Meta Tag Descriptions are used by search engines to describe the content of your web site.

The product description. This uses the FCKEditor so you can add HTML, images and FLASH content.


The unique model number or sku of the product.

Sets the image to use for the product.

Sets the manuafacturer of the product.

Requires Shipping
Sets if the product requires shipping. Set to no if the product is downloadable.

Date Available
Sets when you want the product to show on the front of your site.

Sets the product quantity. If you have set in the settings to subtract stock then the quantity will decrease after each purchase.

Out Of Stock Status
Sets the stock status when the stock quantity reaches 0. Please read the stock statuses section in the documentation for more information.

Product status will determine if the product is displayed on the front of site.

Sort Order
Sort order determines what order the products are displayed in.

Tax Class
Sets the products tax class. Set to none if you don't want the product to have any taxes applied. Please read the tax classes section in the documentation for more information.

Sets the price of the product. The price on the front of the store will be different depending on which taxes and discounts are applied.

Weight Class
Sets the weight class of the product. Please read the weight classes section in the documentation for more information.

Sets the weight of the product. Setting the correct weight ios very important as it may be used to determine the price of shipping.

Choose which categories you want your product to appear in.

Choose which downloads you want to attach to your product. You can make your product just downloadable be setting requires shipping to "No" or you can attach downloads such as user guides etc..

Related Products
Choose products which maybe related to the one you are currently setting up. These products will appear in the related products tab when viewing the product information.


Name of the option.

Sort Order
Sort order determines what order the options are displayed in.

Option Value
Name of the option value.

Option value price. This will be added or subtracted depending on which prefix is choosen.

Prefix detemines the option value price is added or subtracted from the main price.

Sort Order
Sort order determines what order the option values are displayed in.


There are two types of discounts, quantity price breaks and special prices. Bolth discounts can be applied together.

Quantity Price Breaks
Quantity price breaks works by changing the price depending on quantity ordered.


Price: 100.00
Quantity: 5
Discount: 10
New Price: 90.00

Special Price
Special prices change the value of the main price to the new special price. You can set the start date and end date of the special price.


You can add additional images here. These images will appear in the image products tab when viewing the product information.

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